DIY Projects

Underwater test of the DIY Sound Blimp

Turns out this thing is a lot more useful than I originally thought! Read more about how it was built here, here, and here. Some results:

DIY sound blimp test

Testing the sound blimp I built here. Pardon the audio noise/hiss; I didn’t want to try to low-pass it out since it might mess with the comparison

DIY sound blimp assembly

Got almost all the way on the sound blimp project today; only the front window is left to finish! The Lexan turned out to be surprisingly clear, so I’m going to try using that for the front as well. I shot through it a few times and couldn’t tell the difference between that and without in the resulting photos, so it seems promising. It’ll certainly be a lot easier to cut it into a circle with my Dremel than actual glass! More rugged too.